Home of Orliperve Extraordinaire

The main reason why I ended up having this LJ is my love for actor Orlando Bloom.
My friends introduced me to this place a few years ago.
I've met a lot of people through this place and formed some RL friendships because of it.
Mostly fellow Orlando fans OBviously :)
I'm one of his slightly older fans and long time admirer.
I've had the pleasure of seeing him in the flesh several times, talk to him and I even got kissed. Don't get me started on that or we will be here for ages :P

My nickname was given to me by my loving friends and it sort of stuck with me ever since.

This LJ is friends only. I keep a close circle of people with whom I share my daily doings.
I use this place as a diary and as a place to gush about him ....
and of course some other stuff as well.
Basically my hobbies are Orlando *gg* ,shopping, gardening,spending time with my friends, movies. Historical drama mostly, but I'm into all kinds of stuff.
I love costumes, history and creating worlds.
I like to draw and paint and write a bit.

Love to draw Orlando and various other characters. I've made loads of them already.
I also do portraits on commission so if you are interested let me know.
You can find my drawings in this journal powerfulwoodelf
and here: http://powerfulwoodelf.deviantart.com/

I live in the country so I like to be outdoors. Love the woods, the sea and big gay hats: but that is a looooooong story!